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DripDrop Hydration

After years of use in the medical realm, DripDrop Hydration was ready to reach out to more athletically-minded individuals and address shelf visibility concerns in drug stores. This redesign focuses on elevating flavor queues and pushing the distinction in efficacy (this product is in a class of hydration as effective as an IV!) relative to it’s competitors.

Using a dark and dehydrated color for the backdrop (grey), the bright, refreshing blue drops of the brand’s icon pop out refreshingly. The bold stripes of color clearly and distinctly communicate flavor, with added icon to easily reinforce the color reference. If customers are standing even at the end of the aisle, this packaging is distinctive, bold, informative, and engaging. Continuing the previous sense of structure along with iconography, the brand redesign & product packaging upgrade retains a sense of familiarity for loyal customers, with a distinctive and refreshing look for new users.

Digital marketing campaigns featured testimonials, illustrations depicting symptoms of use, and engaging the beautiful side of science. Product promotions tailor to outreach in athletics, with custom water bottles, stickers, and gear bags.


Design, Packaging, Print


June 6, 2017