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exVoto Identity

All of the sweet things in life rhyme with chocolate. Ok, maybe not rhyme exactly, but chocolate is one of those sweet things in life that bring everyone together.

exVoto Chocolatier, located in Ventura, CA, is infatuated with love. The love that is offered when sharing tokens of love. In the traditional sense, these ex-voto offerings to saints or divinity were fulfillments of vows, or a display of gratitude. In a modern sense, these exVoto chocolates honor the same thing.

Hand crafted in a family-run kitchen, these decadent gifts are fit for kings, the gods, and your favorite person at the moment! Even if that’s just you. Enjoying an entire box of chocolates with your cup of coffee, on a Thursday afternoon. Nothing to be ashamed of in that.


Design, Identity, Packaging, Print


December 12, 2014