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Fresh Food Focus

Tenley’s infectious spirit brings joy to every event she photographs, and when she decided to shift her photography marketing from tourism to food, this inherent love for her work made these images shine.

Determining the best method of communicating with local celebrity chefs, (thankfully, the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara region is ripe with them!) we decided that a booklet-style mailer was the best approach. She could share her story, her process, in an inviting and delicious way. The result of this endeavor? Bookings, bookings, bookings. Tenley saw more returns on this one marketing effort than in the entirety of her photography business.

The next time your down “in the valley”, go on–take a bite! Not sure which restaurants are going to be winners? Follow @tenleyfohlphotography to find out.


Design, Identity, Print


July 19, 2016