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Goldfinch Identity

Goldfinch Communities are located all across America, in desert and lush regions. These are park home communities designed to foster pride, self-worth, and inclusiveness within their greater communities.

The goal for this new identity system was to convey a sense of traditionalism, which the serifed typeface lovingly grounds in the space. The illustrated goldfinch bird and right-aligned, all-caps san-serif typefaces add a sense of modern whimsey to the letterforms. Each sign for each community employs this whimsical iconography throughout their individual market’s branding needs. Illustrated bird floating and landing on an internal letterform, finding it’s home. The color schemes are two-fold, one where the desert landscape is dominant, and one where greenery is more familiar.

This multi-state, real estate identity unveiling continues to grow in it’s success–with park employees and residents easily adopting appreciation for the modern and approachable entrances to their homes.


Design, Identity, Print


June 6, 2016