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I Want My FMB

This was such a fun marketing piece to be a part of!

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. had a loyal following, which was growing. The trouble was–not enough establishments were carrying their beers! To grow their tapped market, this effort put the power in the hands of the consumers, giving them the ability to leave a personalized note to bartenders who weren’t pouring FMB.

This campaign became known as “I want my FMB”, as sung to the “I want my MTV” theme song. Knowing nothing is sacred, especially pop culture, we brazenly leveraged the look and feel of the 80’s support FMB’s next wave of growth. Photography treatments emulate VHS tape, augmented with bright, bold colors reminiscent of Back To The Future, and a “mixed tape” tear off section to write in requests complete this rack card’s look. Letting this leave-behind leave more than a good impression, but a big and hearty “Oh, yeah!”


Design, Print


November 21, 2014