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Lilts & Lyrics

This artist’s journal is one of my favorite pieces.

I love that it is an ephemeral and tactile embodiment of thoughts and expressions during my time in art school. I love that it’s previous shelf life existed as a fundamental song book for the classroom, perfectly fitting a new life in my classroom.

The book’s spine was (quite literally) hanging on by threads of linen. Needing sturdier linen, I unearthed an old, embroidered pillowcase that was passed down from my great-grandmother and applied it to the exterior of the book–fortifying the binding and adding a wonderful texture.

Now  capable of being held, open and closed, the book was ready to be prepared for a more utilitarian lifestyle. A light and refreshing coat of robin’s egg blue and thin thin coats of gesso add such nice contrast to the worn, yellowed pages. This not-nearly-opaque overcoat allows for legibility in writing and drawing, and adds unique interpretations when certain subject matters are juxtaposed upon the original lyrics.

Perfect for pressing flowers and ferns, this book became my backpack’s best friend on nature walks or scooter rides up Millcreek Canyon. Some of those pressings are still sandwiched in the songs–perhaps they’re singing along in another realm?


Handmade, Journals


May 20, 2005