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Growing in it’s popularity for tourism and wine in agriculturally-rooted Santa Barbara County, the Santa Ynez Valley tourism board wanted to approach their new identity system with an air of authenticity. After all, people love coming to “the valley” because of the beauty of the valley!

For visitors traveling north from Santa Barbara, they have two choices. Drive over the pass, or drive up along the ocean. Both offer incredible views along the way, but the most majestic view is upon first descent at the crest of the pass. The valley seems to open up below with a storybook feel. Lake Cachuma glistens in the setting sun, as golden blades of grass catch and highlight each and every sunray that passes through their husks. Entering the valley from the north, or the southwest, allows a more horizontal view of the valley, from a river washed and settled perspective.

This rebranding focuses on the vast expanse between the ranges of Los Padres National Forest that nestle this valley and it’s 6 communities, experiencing a growing boom of winemaking, artisan breweries, celebrity chef’s restaurants, unique handicrafts, and more. The success of this rebranding effort is owed to the depth of each board member who served on the committee–most of whom were born in the valley or long-time residents. I, nearing my 10th year as a resident, was honored to have brought this work to life.

The illustration encompasses a sense of openness, simplicity, and grace. It’s effortless peaks connect through the rolling hills and agricultural fields below, unwinding like a river to the foreground. Just as the sun rises in the east over the range, the typography for Santa Ynez Valley rises in an arc. In support of national outreach, establishing location with an all-caps California grounds the logo, creating a familiar bed of comfort, warmth, and excitement for those who have yet to visit the SYV, but who know how great California can be. The color scheme chosen from the subject matter: warm and cool tones. Summer and winter shades. Every time of year being beautiful here.


Design, Identity


September 22, 2015