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In preparation for WhiteSwell to announce it’s successful Series A, a complete identity package and website design were created to support the meaning behind their mission.

Each element is about water and communicates flow. From mass to lightness. Their technology leverages the body’s lymphatic system–so curvilinear, fluid lines, and blue-green hues communicate the medical association with that system.

Unique diagrams and infographics give simple and clear opportunities for others to understand WhiteSwell’s groundbreaking technology–such that the media immediately latched on to the “revolving door” graphic created to illustrate hospital return rates.

This is a lovely, contemporary, and peaceful rebranding, with elements that move with ease. Dynamic alignments allow the reader to move through the content with flow–echoing the company’s mission.


Agency, branding, Design, Identity, Illustration, Web


April 18, 2019