DripDrop Hydration

Packaging, Website, & Advertising Redesign

DripDrop Hydration creates a powerful electrolyte mixture – DripDrop ORS – for dehydration prevention and recovery.

The challenge:

Created for medical applications, DripDrop ORS is capable of saving lives while being safe for everyday use. With a wide range of consumer expectations around electrolyte options and supplements, all aspects of the brand and product needed to communicate a clear sense of approachable efficacy.

The solution:

Blue becomes the hydrating color of relief in a dehydrated, grey landscape. Typographic treatments remain clean, to reinforce the medical efficacy of the product. Flavor colors become bold and eye-catching, to support the surprisingly refreshing taste of this high-sodium product.

User experience is constantly at the forefront–focusing on the words most important for decision-making, and adjusting layouts to provide precious negative space where possible.

Online experiences are supported with ambassador imagery–real people who depend on the product for their success in athletic events as well as day-to-day living with chronic diseases. General education campaigns focus on  lighthearted explanations of cases for use and product attributes.

The results:

By focusing on colors, words, and images that simplified the product message, there was a significant drop in bounces from their website, the click-through rates on digital advertising increased, and the number of users interacting with the brand on social media increased on all relevant platforms.