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Food Photography Booklet Design and Copywriting

Fresh Food Focus was designed as part of a direct marketing campaign to restaurant and resort chefs.

The challenge:

Create a mailer that communicate an array of food photography, from freshly prepared meats, salads, and soups to desserts, vegetables, and fruits. Assure the head chef and/or restaurant manager that all food photographed is real, without touch-ups, and that it would not be interfered with during the photography process. Include contact information, publication history in National Geographic, and social media handles. Assume that the recipient may not know Tenley personally, although they would be local to her Santa Barbara county residence.

The solution:

Inspired by Tenley’s rich personal storytelling within each photograph, this marketing piece is a story book. The spread is simplified, focusing on the images and one key word to draw the reader in. The copy is┬átantalizing, engaging the reader’s primal senses. “Go on, take a bite. Each mouth-watering dish is captured moments after leaving the chef’s hands.”

The piece closes with an array of celebrity and local chefs, and the invitation to “Smile and share your story with Tenley Fohl Photography”. The final booklet is delivered in a crisp white envelope with the USPS Farmers Markets Forever stamps.

The skills: